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Office 365 (Skype for Business) - Instant Messaging

You can instant message anyone else at UWM in Skype for Business if you are both signed in. This is helpful when you would like to have a real-time conversation, but are unable to conduct it on an in-person basis. Follow the steps below to send someone an IM request and to accept an IM request from someone else.

Sending an instant message to a Skype for Business contact

1. If you have already added a person as a contact in your Skype for Business client, you can simply double-click on the person in your contacts list to compose an instant message.


2. After you have double-clicked on the contact, a chat window will open where you may conduct your conversation.

chat window
Note: You can also select the contact in your recent history. To do so, find the conversation and double click on the chat. A chat window will open where you can conduct your conversation.

Sending an IM to someone who is not a Skype for Business contact

1. Search for the person you would like to IM with under ''Find someone'' via their first and last name or their ePanther username.


2. Double-click on the person you would like to IM, and a chat window will open in which to conduct your conversation.

Receiving an IM

1. When someone sends you an IM, a tile will appear in the bottom right-hand corner, giving you the option to accept or decline the instant message.

2. You can accept the IM by clicking on the notification. Otherwise, you can ignore the IM request by clicking ignore

3. Once you accept the IM request, a chat window will appear in which you may continue the conversation.

Note: If no option is selected, the notification will go away but you will still be able to view the message when you open Skype.

Chat Window Functions

Video Calling

You can turn any instant message session into either a phone call or a video call by clicking the appropriate icon at the bottom of your chat window.

Video chat
video    Phone call phone

Presentation Options

To use the present options in Skype for Business chat windows, click on the computer screen icon in the bottom of the window and choose the appropriate option from the pop up list. 


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