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How To - Fix A Stuck Windows Update Installation

When installing a Windows update, patch or service pack, sometimes the installation gets stuck or freezes.

How to tell if the installation of an update has frozen:

If you see one of the following messages for a long time, the update is probably stuck:

1.Preparing to configure Windows.
Do not turn off your computer.

2.Configuring Windows updates
x% complete
Do not turn off your computer.

3.Please do not power off or unplug your machine.
Installing update x of x...

4. Working on updates
x% complete
Don't turn off your computer

5.Keep your PC on until this is done
Installing update x of x....

6. Getting Windows ready
Don't turn off your computer

These messages will appear in the following format, a blue screen with the text of the message and the spinning dots.

How to fix a frozen update:

In order to get past a frozen update screen do the following:

Press Ctrl + Alt + Del 

This will force Windows to bring up the login screen. 
Login as you normally would, and let the updates continue to install successfully.

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