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Operating Systems (Windows 10) How To Fix A Stuck Update Installation

When installing a Windows update, patch or service pack, sometimes the installation gets stuck or freezes.

How to tell if the installation of an update has frozen

If you see one of the following messages for a long time, the update is probably stuck:
    • Preparing to configure Windows.
      Do not turn off your computer.
    • Configuring Windows updates
      x% complete
      Do not turn off your computer.
    • Please do not power off or unplug your machine.
      Installing update x of x...
    • Working on updates
      x% complete
      Don't turn off your computer
    • Keep your PC on until this is done
      Installing update x of x....
    • Getting Windows ready
      Don't turn off your computer
These messages will appear in the following format, a blue screen with the text of the message and the spinning dots.

How to fix a frozen update:

In order to get past a frozen update screen do the following:
Press Ctrl + Alt + Del 
This will force Windows to bring up the login screen. 
Login as you normally would, and let the updates continue to install successfully.
If that doesn't work, go to the power button in the lower right hand corner and check to see if Update and restart or Update and shut down are options.

Other ways to reboot:

Restart the computer by hard pressing the power button or reset button on Windows workstation.


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