How To - Save a webpage as a PDF

This tutorial will show you how to save a webpage to the PDF format using your internet browser.

In order to save a webpage as a PDF, begin by bringing up the webpage you want to save and in your browser go and select the Print option (note: you will not really be printing anything).

Google Chrome

1. Select the 3 lines at the top right corner of your web browser and click the Print button.

2. Once the printing window pops up, click Destination and change it to Microsoft Print to PDF.

3. Hit the Print button afterwards and you will be asked to save the PDF to a folder on your computer. Again, this doesn't actually print anything on paper.

Internet Explorer

1. Select the gear symbol at the top right and hit the Print > Print... option.

2. Next, when the window pops up, select Microsoft Print to PDF under the Select Printer option. Hit Print and you will be able to save the PDF file on a folder in your computer.

Mozilla Firefox

1. Select the 3 lines at the top right corner and hit the Print button.

2. In the preview window that pops up, hit Print.. and in the second window that shows up, change the printer to Microsoft Print to PDF. Hit OK to save the PDF file.

Note: While this tutorial only uses Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox as examples, printing using the Microsoft Print to PDF option on any browser should result in the same results. The Microsoft Print to PDF isn't restricted to just browsers. Other applications such as Microsoft Word should have the option available.

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