This knowledge document lists common questions and answers for PantherList issues.

Use of UWMs PantherList service is subject to applicable law and policies. These include the Board of Regent Acceptable Use Policy, the UW System Information Security Policy series, applicable privacy laws such as FERPA and HIPAA, and the UWM Code of Conduct. 

Unacceptable uses of Pantherlist include, but are not limited to: 

  • Use in violation of federal, state, or local laws;
  • Use in violation of UW System, UW Milwaukee, and departmental policies;
  • Activities related to outside employment, commercial activities, and other forms of personal gain; and
  • Political campaigning. 

 PantherList moderators and owners must take immediate corrective action upon observing misuse of their listserv, including, as appropriate, removing membership rights, reporting misuse of University resources as required under the UWM Fiscal Misconduct Policy or any other applicable law/policy, and offering additional training on appropriate use of PantherList.

Why can't I log into pantherLIST? 
  • Password issue: ePanther and ePanther password is used to log into pantherLIST. ePanther password can be reset at 
  • Browser issue: Safari does not work with PantherList. Make sure your browser is accepting cookies from pantherLIST, or try a different browser. 
Why are e-mails being moderated?
  • The e-mail sent to the list moderators will contain the reason why the message has been moderated. 
What are name regulations for pantherLIST? 
  • Lists must include a hyphen "-" to distinguish them from group or personal accounts. 
Should I use a group account or a pantherLIST? 
  • PantherLISTs are highly recommended over group accounts and in most instances should be used instead of a group account. PantherLISTs will bypass the additional step of them having to log into another account. They can set up an effective filter and have a folder that would basically operate the same as a group account. 
How long after creating a pantherLIST do I need to wait to use it? 
  • Up to three hours after the creation of the list.
Where can I see my ownership information for pantherLIST? 
  • Replace [listname] with the actual list name. [listname] This will bring you to the list info page where the owner information will be listed on the bottom left hand side of the screen. This information is publically available on this page so we can give it out freely.

How do I manage List Owners/Moderators?

  • Underneath the "Manage Your PantherLists" section, click on "Edit or View List Properties". It will ask you what list you want to manage. Scroll down to List Owner's to remove or add the email of a list owner. The same thing can be done for List Admins.
Why are my emails to a pantherLIST coming from a new email address (ex. instead of my own when I am the sender?
  • On 5/26/2020 University IT Services made an update to the pantherLIST service in order to pass DMARC checks. Due to this change, email messages will now appear to be sent by the list address instead of your own. 
Why are my email inbox rules not working for my pantherLIST?
  • On 5/26/2020 University IT Services made an update to the pantherLIST service in order to pass DMARC checks. Due to this change, inbox rules pertaining to pantherLIST may need to be recreated. Please see the following documentation for creating inbox rules in Outlook:

When members reply (but don't reply-all) to a message from my list, the composed message is addressed to both the original sender and the list itself. Shouldn't that only occur with a reply-all?

  • Following the change that was made to the pantherLIST service on 5/26/2020 to allow messages to pass DMARC checks, when replying to a list message, users may notice both the original sender as well as the list address appear as recipients. This occurs when the user is a member of a child pantherLIST that is a member of another pantherLIST. For example, Bob is a member of, which is a member of the list. When Bob receives a message from the and replies to it, he notices that his reply is composed to both the original sender as well as To address this, users need to remove the list from the recipients being replied to. Also, list owners can make members of the child lists direct members of the parent list and remove the child list as a member of the parent list.

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