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Account (How To) ePanther ID Change Request - Legal or Correction

This article outlines the process for requesting an ePanther ID change due to a legal name change, administrative error, or an appeal being granted for a former student that has become an employee.

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A change request will be fulfilled ONLY if the currently assigned ePantherID no longer reflects an individual’s current legal name for one of the following reasons:

  • Individual has legally changed their name and has officially updated records with UWM administrative offices.
  • A data entry error has occurred resulting in an ePantherID assignment that is not based on the individual’s legal name.
  • An appeal granted (see below) for an employee who self-selected an ePantherID as a student.
If the reason for the name change request is one of the listed justifications, please proceed with the rest of these instructions.
If the reason for the name change is NOT one of the listed justifications, DO NOT CONTINUE WITH THESE INSTRUCTIONS.
If the person just wants another ePanther for non-legally justified, personal preferences, they will need to file an appeal to the IAM team. Further information can be found in
What to Gather:
  • Full Previous Name
  • Full Current Name
  • ePanther ID
  • Preferred Contact Information
  • Reason for ePanther ID change
  • Three possibilities for new ePanther
  • WM of each of the possible ePanthers

Note: All requested ePanther IDs must conform to the following:

  • 2-8 characters in length
  • start with a letter
  • use only numbers 1-7
  • no symbols or special characters

Please be sure to have the user give you more than two options, in case their choices are currently in use.

Perform a WM on the user's current ePanther ID, and put the information in a note.

Note: WM the user's requested new ePanther ID(s) to check for availability.

Place the WM of each ePanther ID chosen by the user in a note. This will ensure that each has been checked for availability.


Account administrators will determine if the ePanther ID change will or will not occur. Do not tell a user that we will or will not be granting their request. An employee or student who legally changes their name must provide proof of their name change to the Payroll Office prior to contacting the Help Desk. Once their name change is reflected in PAWS, their request can be processed.

Have the user provide a list of at least three desired ePanther IDs. All must meet the following requirements:

  • Must be 2 to 8 characters long
  • Must start with a letter
  • May use the numbers 1 to 7
  • No symbols or special characters are allowed

Once a request has been approved, the process of copying over the information from the old account to the new account will take from 1/2 to 2 business days. Make sure to get the user's availability to allow IAM to schedule the migration. When working with the user, IAM requests that we gather a few ePanther IDs that the user may want.

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