Office 365 (Outlook on the Web) - Setting Your Status

You can instant message anyone else at UWM in the Outlook on the Weblication, if you are both signed into the IM. This is helpful when you'd like to have a real-time conversation, but are unable to conduct it in a face-to-face setting. Follow the steps below to sign in, set your status, and view someone else's status.

Signing In and Setting Your Status

1. Click your picture or avatar near the top-right corner of the screen and select Sign in to IM from the menu (if necessary; by default everyone is signed in to IM).

2. Notice that your status changes to Available (indicated by the green stripe next to your picture).

3. To change your status, click your picture/avatar and select one from the menu.

4. To sign out of IM and stay logged into Office 365, click your picture/avatar and select Sign out of IM from the menu.

Viewing Someone's IM Status

You can see someone's current IM status in the Outlook on the Web when viewing or composing emails and in the People tab when viewing your contacts or looking someone up in the directory.

IM status is indicated by colored stripes or boxes next to peoples' names, avatars, or pictures:

Outlook on the Web

When reading an email:

When composing an email:

People Tab

When browsing contacts or the directory: