Microsoft 365- MS Project (How to load on windows personal device)

The following article will give direction on how to download MS Project onto a personal windows device.

Note: MS Project has unfortunately not been rolled out to campus Microsoft 365. This means you will need to download MS project on a windows device. If you are using a MacOS device you will need to use the SOIS Virtual Lab instead: Virtual Lab Access MacOS.  

  1. MS project is available for download under the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching Login

  2. Once on the Azure Dev website you will need to sign in with your ePanther and password. If it is your first time using it you will just follow the on-screen instructions on how to set up the account.

    Azure Dev Tool Sign in Page
    Note: If you struggle with the captcha on verifying, we do suggest using the audio version to be able to fulfill the captcha request.

  3. Agree to the Terms and Conditions to gain entry into the Azure Education Portal. 
    Azure Dev Tool Terms and Conditions

  4. Navigate to the software section either by selecting "software" or clicking the 'View All' button adjacent to the software section.

    Azure Dev Tools software section 

  5. Locate MS Project within the software repository. In Azure Dev Tools, it is categorized under "Project Professional 2019". 
    Azure Dev Tools search tool

  6. Click on the designated program to access the software key and initiate the download process.
    Azure Dev Tools activation key 

  7. Upon completion of the download, access the downloaded file, typically found in the 'recently downloaded' section, by clicking on the folder icon.
    Recently downloaded history 

  8. Within the file explorer application, select the relevant file as indicated in the provided screenshot. 
    MS Project file in explorer

  9. Expect a security warning prompt upon selecting the file, which must be acknowledged to proceed with the installation of MS Project.
    Security warning

  10. Initiate the installation process by executing the Office Setup file. Opt for the 64-bit Office setup when prompted.
    Office Setup 

    : After clicking on Setup.exe you will be prompted to install the 64-bit version of office. Confirm the installation of the 64-bit version to ensure compatibility with MS Project.

  11. Following the completion of the download, locate and launch MS Project by searching for "Project" in the system's search function.
    Project in system search 

  12. Upon launching MS Project, input the activation key obtained during step 6, located within the initial installation folder, into the designated textbox for activation.
    Activation key in MS Project

  13. This should successfully allow you to utilize MS Project.  


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