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Wepa PrintAway - UPDATE

Posted: 10:16:41, Wednesday, Aug 2, 2017   Expiration: 10:16:41, Saturday, Sep 30, 2017

PantherPrint machines on the UW-Milwaukee campus have been replaced by WEPA Print Away kiosks.

*** At this time, Grind gift cards are available for users who would like to use cash at the WEPA print stations.  Grind gift cards are available in Grind Coffee Shops across campus, however they are not available for purchase in the Golda Meir Library at this time.  Also, there is a $10 minimum purchase for Grind gift cards.***

Effective July 26, all on campus pay-for-print services will be provided by WEPA Print Away.  PantherPrint and the white print cards will no longer be available in most labs, although the white print cards will still be available to use ONLY at the copy machines in the Golda Meir Library.  

WEPA print kiosks will not accept the old white printing cards. UWM Help Desk technicians will be able to help with transferring leftover funds from the white cards to your WEPA account.  In addition, the following payment methods will be accepted at the WEPA PrintAway stations:
  • PantherCard (on your student ID)
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • UWM Gift Cards (available in Grinds other than the GML Grind)
  • PayPal
  • Wepa Accounts
Fund transfers will be available for those students and campus community members who still have balances on their white print cards.  The locations for the fund transfers will be GML and Bolton Hall Labs.  The amount left on the white print cards will be transferred to a WEPA account, not given back as cash.  

Please be aware that while users can use debit/credit cards at the kiosks, a $0.40 charge will be added to the printing fee.  To avoid this charge, please add funds to your WEPA account with your debit/credit card instead of using the cards themselves at the kiosk.  WEPA will deduct from a WEPA account, prior to using a credit or debit card for your printing costs.  

Further communications will be sent to the campus at large, to help our customers transition to the new system in the coming weeks.  

-- UW-Milwaukee Help Desk: Noelle Fredrich

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