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Retirement of UWM Mobile App

Posted: 10:26:40, Thursday, Jun 30, 2022   Expiration: 09:00:32, Wednesday, Feb 22, 2023  

UWM is retiring the UWM Mobile application effective Fall 2022.

The UWM mobile app has been experiencing issues that in some instances have caused it to crash right after it is opened. Currently, it is again functioning although weather forcast information is not available.


UWM will be retiring the UWM Mobile app prior to the start of the fall 2022 semester. At this time, we are unfortunately no longer positioned to support the UWM Mobile app and cannot add new features or fix issues. By August 2022, the UWM Mobile app will no longer be available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play app store. People who have downloaded the UWM Mobile app prior to its removal from the Apple App Store and Google Play app store may be able to use it for a period but by sometime during fall 2022, downloaded version of the app will no longer function.


All information and services provided by the UWM Mobile app are available on the UWM.edu website or from third party apps that UWM has contracted with external organizations to provide.


UWM Weather: http://www.innovativeweather.com/


UWM Events: https://uwm.edu/events/


UWM News: https://uwm.edu/news/


Campus Maps: https://apps.uwm.edu/map/


UWM Laundry: https://uwm.edu/housing/life-uwm/services/laundry/


Accessibility: https://uwm.edu/accessibility/


Quick Links: https://uwm.edu


Health & Safety: https://uwm.edu/health-safety/


Feedback: https://uwm.edu/website-feedback/


Shuttles (using Passio Go app for iOS or Android)https://uwm.edu/transportation/mobileapps/


Courses: https://paws.uwm.edu/



Thank you for your understanding.

-- UW-Milwaukee Help Desk: Amber Rust

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