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PAWS (Administration) Manage Program Changes

Programs are used to identify what school/college a student is in, along with the type of degree they are pursuing.

For example, a BUSUG is the program assigned to a student who is pursuing an undergraduate degree in the Lubar School of Business. Whereas a BUSGD is the program assigned to a student who is pursuing a graduate degree in the Lubar School of Business.

Changing a Student Program

  1. Navigate to: Records & Enrollment > Career and Program Information > Student Program/Plan
  2. Search for Student.
  3. Check Status is Active in Program.
  4. Make note if Action Reason is Dual.
  5. Write down Admit Term.
  6. Write down Expected Grad Term.
  7. Click + button to add a new row.
  8. * Edit Effective Date if necessary.
  9. Type Program Action of PRGC.
  10. Re-type Dual, if Action Reason equaled Dual in Step 4.
  11. Type the Academic Program code.
  12. Re-type the Admit Term from Step 5. Change if necessary.
  13. Verify Requirement Term. Change if necessary.
  14. Re-type Expected Grad Term from Step 6. Do not change.
  15. Select Student Plan tab.
  16. Type the Academic Plan code.
  17. * Change Plan Sequence, if necessary.
  18. * Change Requirement Term if necessary.
  19. ** Select Student Sub-Plan tab.
  20. ** Type Academic Sub-Plan. Not all plans will have a Sub-Plan
  21. ** Change Requirement Term if necessary.
  22. Click Save button.
* Note: Not all Program changes require changes to all fields. 
**Note: Not all plans have Sub-Plans. Enter Sub-Plan Information if necessary.

Deleting a Dual Degree Program

  1. Contact the appropriate office to delete a dual degree program.
  2. Submit a contact RO form at

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