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PAWS (Administration) Setting Up User Defaults

This article is in relation to setting up user defaults and is limited to those UWM staff members with access to SACR. User defaults are optional, but they will allow you to run a Degree Progress Report and an Academic Advisement Report more quickly.

Navigation: Main Menu > Set Up SACR > User Defaults  

Step 1: Enter the following values on the User Defaults 1 tab

  • Academic Institution: Enter “UWMIL”
  • Career Group SetID: Enter “UWMIL”
  • Facility Group SetID: Enter “UWMIL”
  • Academic Career: Enter “UGRD”

      Step 2: Enter the following values on the User Defaults 2 tab

      • SetID: Enter “UWMIL”
      • Business Unit: Enter “UWMIL”

      Step 3: Enter the following values on the User Defaults 4 tab

      • Carry ID: Check box (allows IDs to be carried between pages)
      • Output Destination: Select “Page” from drop-down list
      • Transcript Type: Enter “UGADV”
      • Flexible Transcript Type: Leave blank
      • Advisement Report Type: Enter “UGAAR”

      Note: Defaults on other tabs are either not recommended or not associated with viewing or printing Degree Progress Reports.  

      Step 4: Click the Save button  

      Note: Setting user defaults does not preclude you from accessing other options while using PAWS. They simply serve as the default values when you first view a page.

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