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Office 365 - Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft To-Do helps you manage, prioritize, and complete the most important things you need to achieve every day, powered by Intelligent Suggestions and Office 365 integration.

Accessing Microsoft To-Do

You can access Microsoft To-Do via the web directly from the To-Do website: or by clicking the To-Do app icon in the Office 365 app picker:

Alternatively, you can install the To-Do desktop application for Windows 10.

You can also install the To-Do mobile app on your iOS or Android device.

My Day and Suggestions

With Suggestions and My Day, it's easier than ever to focus on your most important to-dos each day. When you first open Microsoft To-Do each day, you'll see a fresh My Day. Plan your day by adding to-dos from our intelligent Suggestions or by entering new to-dos directly in to My Day.

All the to-dos entered in My Day will also be saved in your To-Do list. If you aren't able to complete all of your to-dos in My Day, no worries! We'll keep track of them in your To-Do list and suggest them to you tomorrow. We'll also keep a close eye on your to-dos with upcoming due dates and include them in Suggestions.


Create lists for anything you want: work, school, grocery, movies, or household to-dos. You can even personalize your lists with different themes and colors to help you quickly identify them.

How can I create a new list?

To create a new list, just tap or click +New List below My Day, To-Do and your other lists. This will create a list with the name "Untitled List." To rename it, just click to select "Untitled List" and begin typing the new list name. 

How can I choose a background image for my list?

You can customize each list by choosing a different background image. Just select the three dots in the top right and then Change Theme. You can pick one of 5 illustrated themes or a solid background. You can also choose the list's color.

How can I choose a color for my list?

Customize your lists with colors. Just select the three dots in the top right and Change theme. Then pick one of 5 colors. The color you choose will also be shown in the sidebar next to the list's title, so you can organize all your lists by color.

How can I add emoji to my list?

Just add an emoji to the beginning of your list's name and the emoji will be displayed as the list's icon in the sidebar.

To-Do's intelligent Suggestions make it easy to prioritize your daily tasks. Suggestions look at your to-dos across your lists and, based on a smart algorithm, recommend the most important ones for you each day.


How can I create a to-do?

You can create a to-do from the +Add a to-do input field in any of your lists. Just select the field, type the to-do's title and then press Return or Enter on your keyboard. Your new to-do will then be added to the bottom of your list.

How can I restore a deleted to-do?

Since your to-dos are stored in O365 and are also visible in Outlook Tasks, you can recover accidentally deleted to-dos in Outlook 2016:

1. Log in to Outlook with the same account that you use with Microsoft To-Do.
2. Navigate to your email folder list, and then click Deleted Items.
3. Locate the deleted to-do, right-click it, and then click Move > Other Folder > Tasks.

Your to-do should automatically re-appear in its correct list.


How can I sync my account?

To sync your to-dos and lists between computer and phone, just log in with the same account on each device. Microsoft To-Do updates every 5 seconds, so all of your changes should be displayed automatically. If you notice that your app isn't updating, just head to your account settings and tap Sync. Since your to-dos are stored in Office 365, they will also sync automatically to your Outlook Tasks.


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