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TurningPoint Clickers - Frequently Asked Questions for Students

This is a list of frequently asked questions related to TurningPoint clickers.

Multiple accounts

Question: I used Turning Point before. Do I need to register a new account for each course?

Answer: You do not, and you should not. If you have, don't worry. Turning Technologies can help you straighten things out. Contact Turning Technologies support and request for your accounts to be merged. Be sure to use your UWM email address for your account or you may experience technical problems.

Multiple classes

Question: Do I need to click the TurningPoint account link in each of my classes for my responses to be counted?

Answer: If you have multiple classes that are using TurningPoint, you only need to go to TurningPoint in one course. Your responses in other courses will be counted.

Previously owned Turning Point clickers

Question: I already own a TurningPoint clicker from a previous course, do I need to buy a license?

Answer: That depends. If you purchased a multi-semester or multi-year license, you may not need to purchase a new one. Login to your Turning Technologies account to see whether your license is still valid. If that license has expired, you will need to buy a new one. Your instructor will have information on how to purchase a device and/or license.

Responses aren't being counted

Question: I have a TurningPoint clicker, have a TurningPoint account and a license, why are my responses not being counted in Canvas?

Answer: Be sure to register your clicker Device ID in your Turning Technologies account. You should also ensure that you have registered your Turning Technologies account through the correct link in your Canvas course.

Clickers from other companies

Question: I have an iClicker, a Top Hat clicker or some other clicker that isn't from Turning Technologies. Can I use that?

Answer: Unfortunately, because the clicker is not from Turning Technologies, it won't be compatible with your instructor's activities, or the classroom. Check out the student guide to clickers for more information about what you will need to get started.

How to buy a Turning Point clicker

Question: Where can I buy a clicker for my class?

Answer: Please consult with your instructor for instructions on how to purchase a device and/or license.

Are there alternatives?

Question: Are there alternatives to purchasing a physical TurningPoint clicker?

Answer: Yes. You can take TurningPoint quizzes via a (free)* downloadable app on your phone or tablet. You are also able to take TurningPoint quizzes from a browser on a computer. In this case, you need only purchase a digital license.

*The TurningPoint app is free to download. You will still need to purchase license to use TuringPoint in your course. 

Switching from the TurningPoint App to a physical clicker

Question: I already have a Turning Technologies account and an active digital license. My instructor wants me to use a physical clicker instead. Do I have to buy a new clicker and license?

Answer: Because you own a digital license already, you do not need to buy a new license. You will still need to buy a physical clicker. Once you've purchased the clicker, you can associate your digital license with the new clicker

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