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Create a New Progress Report
A progress report is a way a professor can indicate how a specific student is doing in their class.  This student is at-risk to fail my course or Bryan is doing great in my class are examples of things you might see on a professor's progress report.  Most often, professors will be the ones creating progress reports for students, though sometimes advisors will as well.  To create a progress report, check the box next to the course and click

Create a New Progress Report in the Actions Menu.
The first field is At-Risk to Fail Your Class? If you answer Yes then you must select and Alert Reason that has been previously created by your Application Administrator.  Next you may enter How Many Absences? this student has accrued in this course.  If you do not know, you may leave this field empty.  Professors have the option to select the student's Current Grade, if known.  Again, if you are unsure, you may leave this field empty as well.  Lastly, you may enter a Comment about the student and can be viewed at any time by clicking on the Report/Notes tab on the student profile page.
Note: Professors have the option to only report on only the students at-risk allowing users to skip most students who may not be at risk.

For more information about Progress Reports, please visit Progress Report Campaign section.

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