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pantherLIST Reports – User Guide

This article is a user guide for creating pantherLIST reports.


How to access the pantherLIST Reports site

The pantherLIST Reports are located at

pantherLIST Ownership Reports Site

To access pantherLIST Reports, click on the link under pantherLIST Ownership Reports. Alternatively, you can click on the links in the navigation menu located on the left side of the home page. 

pantherLIST Ownership Reports home page

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Selecting your division

You will be presented with a list of all the reports organized by division. Look for your division and click on Click Here.

Please note: you may only have access to the division you belong to.

pantherLIST ownership reports

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How to navigate the Ownership Reports list

Once you select your division, you will be taken to your division’s ownership report list. All reports are grouped into your division’s units as shown below.

pantherLIST ownership reports list

You can expand each unit by clicking on the arrow next to the division name.

Expand button

Each report item will be represented by the following columns:

  • Name: Name of the employee.
  • Email: E-mail address of the employee.
  • Lists: A list of all the pantherLIST the employee is an owner of.
  • Mail Report: Sends an email to the user that includes a short message and a list of their pantherLISTs.
  • Unit: The unit the employee belongs to.
  • Department: The department the employee belongs to. The department data may not be available for every employee.

pantherLIST report columns

The icon below means that the user has more lists than shown on screen. 

more lists icon

To view all the lists, double click on the user and a window will pop up showing all their lists.

view all lists

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How to filter by employee Name

To instantly search for a specific employee, you can filter by name. To filter by name, click on the Name column followed by Filter by.

filter by name

Type the name of the employee or browse for the employee on the list. Once you enter the name or select the employee from the list, click on Apply

 apply filter by name

The list will only show the employee you filtered for.

filter results

To clear the filter click on the Name column followed by Filter by. Click on Clear all and finally Apply.

clear all filters

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How to export the list to Excel

To export the list to Excel, click on the Export button at the top of the list then click on Export to Excel.

export to Excel

A file with the extension .iqy will be downloaded to your computer. Open then file and the Excel application will open on your computer.

file download with .iqy extension

Excel will ask for your permission to allow the application to communicate with SharePoint. Click on Enable.

enable button

Excel will ask you how do you want to import the data. It is recommended to leave the default settings as shown below: 

prompt with default import settings

The data will be exported to Excel as demonstrated below:

Please note: This export is your personal copy of the pantherLIST Reports data and you will be able to manipulate the data as you see fit. No changes will be made to the SharePoint list.

exported Excel sheet

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How to use the Mail Report functionality

You can use the mail report function to send an email to the user that includes a short message and a list of their pantherLISTs. To initiate a mail report, click on the Mail Report button for the user you want to send the report to. Please allow a few seconds after pressing the button.

mail report button

If this is the first time running the mail report function, you will be asked to allow the automated system to gather your user details.

gather your user details prompt, continue button

You will be ask to sign in with your account to SharePoint and Outlook 365.

Please note: you will only have to do this once.

sign in to SharePoint and Outlook 365

Enter your message under Email Body on the box shown below. Once completed click on Run flow.

enter email body and click run flow

The system will generate an email with the message you entered in the email body and will compile a list of all the pantherLISTs that belong to the user. You will also receive a copy of the email.

Email Example:

email example

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