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D2L - Finding Your D2L Course Site

Learn how to find your D2L course sites. This article also provides troubleshooting information and Help Desk notes.


After logging in to D2L, courses that are currently available to you are listed under the My Courses heading (also referred to as a widget). Courses are grouped by department and semester but if you have access to more than 100 courses, a searchable list with history appears. 

Nearly all courses have D2L websites at UWM, but instructors may have not activated the course or have chosen to not use them for various reasons. It is important for students to check with their instructors before contacting support. Instructors should verify they are listed as the instructor of record in PAWS, and contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for further assistance.

How Courses are Listed

View all of your courses from the My Home page of D2L after logging in on the D2L website,

My Home link in the upper right corner of any D2L webpage, above the site banner.

My Courses grouped list

For most people, courses are listed by semester in the My Courses area of the D2L My Home page, which is the first page seen on login. The newest semester is listed first, and courses are also grouped by "Department" which corresponds to a courses subject (or "curricular code").

Courses may be filtered by role if the D2L user has different abilities in different courses. An instructor may be a student in some courses, so the instructor might be able to change the Role menu to either Instructor or Student. Courses may also be filtered by Term (a.k.a semester) or Department (a.k.a. subject) in the same way.

Lastly, individual semesters and departments may be hidden by clicking the chevron (down pointing arrow) to the right of the heading.

An example My Courses widget. Hidden courses are indicated by a right-pointing carrot next to a semester name. Visible courses are indicated by a down pointing arrow.

Last Accessed list

If a D2L user (typically an instructor) has access to more than 100 courses, D2L will not group courses in favor of showing a "Last Accessed" list. Courses are displayed in the order they were last visited.

Differences between the Grouped list and Last Accessed list

  • The grouped list shows course updates. The Last Accessed list does not.
  • Filters for the grouped list are drop down menus. Filters in the Last Accessed list are selected by pop-up window. Click the red X next to the filter to remove it in the Last Accessed list.

    A red X appears next to a filter in Last Accessed view. Click the X to remove the filter.
  • The grouped list may show a course multiple times based on the department. For example, a course offered under ARTHIST and FILMSTD may appear under both (or either) department. The Last Accessed list will only show the course once.

Troubleshooting and Tips

Are you going to the correct homepage?

Log into D2L at Select the correct button.

  • Use the yellow "UWM ePanther" button to login with your UWM ePantherID and password using 1Login. Students, instructors and staff will almost always use this option primarily.
  • Use the black "Non-ePanther" button to login with your special access account provided by a sponsor, or by your department for special access

Use My Home or "Select a course..."

  • Courses are only visible from the My Home page. Click My Home at the top of any D2L page.
  • Search for courses. If you have a Last Accessed list, use the search box just below the filter buttons to quickly find a course. Or, click "Select a course..." at the top of any D2L page. Type the name or other information about a course, then click the Search icon, or press Enter. Matching courses will appear.

Use pins to keep courses in-reach

Search for a course using "Select a course...". Next to each search result is a pin icon. Clicking that icon will make the course "sticky", ensuring it is always at the top of the list.

    Open all semesters and departments

    To to see fewer or greater courses in your My UW-Milwaukee Courses list: Click the ' >' buttons to expand or collapse specific semesters or departments.

    Ensure the Role dropdown menu is set to All Roles

    If your course uses services like My Media (MediaSpace, Kaltura), you are a tutor, or have some other special ability in a course, check the Role dropdown menu to show all of your courses. Leaving this set to a specific role can make it appear as if you are missing a class.

    Clear Filters

    • Use the Role, Term, and Department filters refine courses listed.
    • Are you a student in one course, but a Teaching Assistant in others? If you have more than one role in D2L (e.g., "Instructor," "Student"), choose the appropriate role for the course you want to see. If you have only one role, you will not have the option.

    Are you still having trouble?

    Students: Please note that not all instructors make their classes available in D2L. Please contact your instructor to verify that they are using D2L, and that the course should be visible. If the course should be visible and problems persist, contact the UWM Help Desk (414-229-4040) for assistance.

    Instructors and staff: first, verify you are the instructor of record via the Schedule of Classes. If not, contact your department to resolve the issue. Fill-out the course request form by vising Instructor Tools in D2L, or go directly to the form. You can also use the course request form to combine students into one course, and request non-scheduled courses. You can also contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning by calling 414-229.4319 for more information or help

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