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Hardware (How To) Find the Computer Name on a University Owned PC

Use these steps to find your "Full computer name." The computer name uniquely identifies your computer.

 Method 1: Find the Computer Name at the Logon Screen

 Method 2: Find the Computer Name after logging in

 Alternative Method: Find the Service Tag or Computer Name Sticker

Method 1: Find the Computer Name at the Logon Screen :

  1. In the User Name box, type a period followed by a backslash:
    • Note: You might need to click the Switch User button if someone has already signed in
  2. The Computer Name appears below the password box, next to the words Sign in to:

Method 2 : Finding the Computer Name after Logging In

1. Sign into the computer.

2. Open the System Properties menu using one of these methods: 

  • Pressing the Windows Key + Pause Break key
  • Right-clicking the Start button in the lower-left corner of the desktop, then click System.

3. Under Device specifications, find the Device Name. This is your "computer name."

In the example screenshot below, the computer name is UWM002268.

Alternate Method: Find your Computer Name or Service Tag Sticker 

Many managed UWM computers have a sticker that shows the Computer Name. Check your computer for a sticker like the one pictured below.

IT support staff can also identify a Dell computer by the Service Tag.

Look for the service tag in the following locations:

Desktops: On a sticker on top of the computer

Laptops: Printed on the underside of the laptop, usually with a small bar code or QR code.

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