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SSC Campus (User Guide) Basic Information

MAP-Works is a system used by instructors, mentors, and other university staff to help students with issues that may be interfering with their academic success.

To access the MAP-Works Website, click here.

 The implementation of SSC Campus occurs across five key steps:

  • Data collection - Student and institutional profile data are uploaded to the SSC Campus database.
  • Deploy survey to students - Students take two assessments in the first semester of their first or second year to provide schools with data for student risk status analysis.
  • Connect faculty/staff across campus - Academic advisors are granted access to students' survey results so they may identify at-risk students.
  • Inform students - Students gain access to a customized, web-based report which identifies discrepancies between their expectations and the academic and social behaviors necessary to succeed.
  • Analyze data and improve student services - SSC Campus employees receive data to create more successful and effective student interactions.

For professors/instructors asking about SSC Campus:

1. Login with UWM ePanther ID (minus the and password.

NOTE: The first time the professor/instructor logs in, they will need to consent to confidentiality/FERPA. It is encouraged to watch the short demo video.

2. In order for the professor/instructor to issue an early warning/academic update, click on Academic Update Requests in the upper right corner.

3. The professor/instructor should complete blanks for Failure Risk, Grade (if applicable), Absences, Additional Comments, and Viewable.

NOTE: Students are typically marked as high risk if they are receiving a C- or below and/or if they have 3+ absences.

For students asking about SSC Campus:

1. Login with your UWM ePanther ID (your UWM email address minus the and password.


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