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Office 365 (SharePoint) - How to access and save SharePoint files from within Office 2016 suite on Windows

Using the Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Suite applications for Windows, you can "sign in" to your UWM Office 365 account from within the applications in order to interact with your SharePoint files. This will allow you to create, open, edit, and save Office files directly using these Office applications.

  1. If you have already configured Sharepoint on your PC, skip to this section of the KB.
  2. In a web browser, navigate to  Office365 Portal and log in with your UWM email credentials.
  3. On the top left-hand side, open up the applications tab and click on the Sharepoint icon to navigate to the UWM Panther Sharepoint space.

    Animated picture showing user clicking on the applications tab which expands it. User then clicks on Sharepoint icon.

  4. You are now at the SharePoint space. If you have access to multiple "sites" or workspaces, select which site you wish to access.

    Panther Sharepoint space showing multiple work sites.

  5. After clicking on your desired site, click "Documents" libraries on the left hand side.

    Picture showing Panther Sharepoint Site, with a red rectangle highlighting Documents tab.

  6. To easily access these files on your desktop, click on the "Sync" icon as shown below.

    Picture with a red rectangle highlighting the sync feature on  the Documents section of the desired site.

  7. Two pop ups will appear. One will inform you that the files are being prepared to sync.

    Picture saying that the sharepoint site is preparing your files for syncing

    The other one will ask for permission to open up the files on your local machine using the OneDrive client.
    If you do not have OneDrive sync client installed on a UWM affiliated computer, follow these directions to install the client.
    If you are someone who is using the Sync Client on a personal machine, follow these directions
    Click on "Open Link" as seen down below.

    Picture of pop up that asks user to open odopen link with Microsoft OneDrive. Microsoft OneDrive is highlighted, and Open Link button is also highlighted with red rectangle. The box "remember my hcoice for odopen Links" is also checked.

  8. If prompted, sign into your UWM OneDrive on your machine. Your email may be automatically filled in. If not, enter in your UWM email and password.

    Sign into OneDrive

  9. Synced SharePoint files from the desired site will automatically be stored in a default location on your local C:\ drive. This can be changed by clicking "Change Location". It is recommended that the default location be left as is. Simply hit "next" if you are not changing the location.

    Set up SharePoint default save location

  10. Hit the right arrow to bypass the setup screens.

    Welcome to OneDrive picture, with right arrow highlighted. Clicking on this arrow takes you through  mini tour of Sharepoint features.

  11. Click on "Open my OneDrive Folder". This takes you to the destination address that was set in step 8.

    End of OneDrive and Sharepoint mini tour. Click on "Open my OneDrive Folder" to access synced files

  12. Here, we see the location of the synced files from the SharePoint site.

    Synced Files on local machine.

  13. On the left hand side, a new shortcut is created that gives you easy access to the site documents.

    UWM Sites icon on left hand side of File Explorer.

    The OneDrive icon is also visible in the lower right as well.

    Sharepoint/Outlook Icon on taskbar. This shows you the current status of synced items and the status of your connection to the cloud.

  14. You  have now configured a Panther SharePoint site onto your local machine. The SharePoint files on your machine behave like any other file and can be saved, deleted, or edited. Saving these files is done the same as regular Word, Excel or Access files. These files can be accessed offline without an internet connection, however, you must be connected to the Internet in order to upload or download any file updates from the SharePoint site itself.

    Accessing and Saving Files to your UWM SharePoint:

    To access a file, open up File Explorer and Click on the site icon to access your documents.

    UWM Sites icon on left hand side of File Explorer.

    1. To save documents to the sharepoint site save it, click on "File" --> "Save As" --> "Browse"

      Sharepoint save as

    2. In the File Explorer, click on the Site Icon on the left hand side.

      Sharepoint Save Location

      Click "Save" when you are ready to save. If you are connected to the Internet, this will also update the file on the SharePoint site for all users.

      Note: When saving, do not select Sites - UWM as your destination. If you do not see your SharePoint site listed, click on Browse and type in your SharePoint's site URL, or click on the UWM icon to easily access the SharePoint save location. If you have any trouble with these steps please contact the UWM Help Desk.

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