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macOS (How To) - Upgrading to a new version of macOS

This article describes the new upgrade options for managed macOS devices.

What's new?

In March of 2022, Apple presented a new software upgrade process for users running macOS 12.3 Monterey and later. Now, a user can perform an upgrade to macOS without entering administrator credentials. This upgrade method does not require the use of Self Service, if Self Service is used, it will simply redirect the user to the Software Update pane. If the operating system is below macOS 12.3, then using Self Service is required to perform the upgrade.

Upgrade using Self Service

Launch Self Service and run the advertised upgrade tool. If no upgrade is available for the device, there will be a tool to explain why it is not available.

Self Service macOS 14 Sonoma upgrade tool

If the operating system is above macOS 12.3, then you will be re-directed to the Software Update pane after clicking OK.

Why Can't I upgrade - Upgrade Available

Software Update pane

Why you may not be able to upgrade / Troubleshooting

Instead of an upgrade, there may be a tool titled "Why Can't I Upgrade to macOS 14 Sonoma?" By clicking the Explain button, the tool will detail what is preventing the device from upgrading. It may be as simple as not having enough free disk space to perform the upgrade or that the computer is not compatible and needs to be replaced. Either way, the tool will explain the reason why the upgrade is not available.  

Why Can't I upgrade tool and explanation

Hardware Compatibility

If it has been over seven years since the device was first released, it may need to be replaced to run the latest macOS version. Please get in touch with your department head or business manager to inquire about purchasing a replacement device. Available devices and pricing can be found on our Purchase Request page.

Why Can't I Upgrade - Not Compatible

macOS Installer not cached

The tool also checks for the presence of the macOS installer. If it is not cached, the opportunity to download it will be presented.

Why Can't I Upgrade - Not Cached

Available Disk Space

If there is not enough free space to download, unpack, and install the upgrade, you will be presented with a dialogue box like the one below.

Why Can't I Upgrade - Not Cached Not enough space

Why Can't I Upgrade - Not enough space

Ready to upgrade macOS

Why Can't I Upgrade - Ready

Software Update Hang or Not Available                              

If you do see a full installer through Software Update, but do not see the incremental upgrade, try refreshing Software Update by pressing Command R or running the "Force Software Update Check" from Self-Service

Force Software Update check

Get Additional Support / Contact the UWM Help Desk

If your device is eligible, and you've attempted to run the upgrade and the "Force Software Update Check" does not resolve the issue, then it may be time to request support for further assistance.

Contact the UWM Help Desk

Fill out the online support form and the UWM Help Desk will contact you to assist with your technology question. You may also call or email the UWM Help Desk.

Phone: 1-414-229-4040
Toll-Free Number: 1-877-381-3459
Online Support Form

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