Top Documents of the Week

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the Hypothesis Social Annotation Tool
  2. Student Guide for Creating Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Video Assignments
  3. Student Guide for Creating a Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Video Discussion
  4. How do I download transcripts of videos uploaded to My Media in Canvas
  5. Canvas for Instructors - How do I download, mark, and re-upload student submissions from assignments?
  6. Canvas - How do I create a Blueprint course?
  7. Student Guide for Uploading a Mobile Video to a Canvas Discussion
  8. How do I use tags to organize and search My Media videos?
  9. Respondus 4 - Manually Import Respondus 4 files into Canvas
  10. Canvas Access - How do I enroll participants in my non-credit course?
  11. Instructor Guide for Creating Narrated PowerPoint Presentations for Delivery in Canvas
  12. How do I Order and Edit Automated Captions through My Media in Canvas?
  13. Canvas for Instructors - Troubleshooting Guide: Missing Courses
  14. Point Solutions Clickers - How to add Point Solutions to your course in Canvas
  15. Embedding My Media Video in a Canvas Page
  16. Canvas External Tools - About OneNote Class Notebook
  17. Course Size Limits in Canvas
  18. Adding a Table of Contents with anchor tags to a Syllabus in Canvas
  19. How do I create an H5P enabled Assignment in Canvas
  20. Canvas / Microsoft 365 - How do I reset the connection between Canvas and OneDrive?
  21. How do I give Co-Editor, Co-Publisher, or Co-Viewer access to a My Media video?
  22. Respondus 4 - Printing a Paper Exam
  23. Recording hand-written presentations using an iPad for delivery in Canvas
  24. Student Guide for Submitting a Video Assignments Created on a Mobile Device
  25. Canvas for Instructors - Replacing/Updating Files in Canvas
  26. Respondus 4 - Importing word document questions into Respondus
  27. Canvas for Instructors - Renaming Module Items
  28. Canvas - Comparison of Canvas Commons, Ongoing Courses, and Blueprint Courses
  29. Teaching and Learning Technology - Resources on AI (Including ChatGPT) and Its Impact on Higher Education
  30. Instructor Guide for Student-Created Narrated PowerPoint Presentation Video Assignments or Discussions
  31. How Do I Upload a Video through My Media to a Canvas Page?
  32. Canvas External Tools - How do I use Films on Demand?
  33. Canvas for Instructors - Course Import Tool
  34. Canvas for Instructors - SpeedGrader
  35. How to download a video from My Media?
  36. Canvas External Tools - How do I use WileyPLUS?
  37. Lightboard Information Index
  38. Canvas - Extra Credit Options
  39. How do I find a video in My Media using a Canvas Page
  40. Canvas for Instructors - Uploading Files to Canvas

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