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How do I use tags to organize and search My Media videos?

This tutorial will show you how to add tags to your media using Kaltura's Tags Editor. Tags are useful to help organize your videos, making them easier to search and find.

This tutorial should also be used if you have been instructed by UWM's Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) to provide captionists with Co-Editor permissions, using this tutorial. By tagging your videos with the course number, ARC captionist are able to search and find the media that needs captions to support students with a documented accommodations.

Before you Begin:

This tutorial covers adding tags to a video or audio file that has ALREADY been uploaded to My Media. Videos may have be added to your My Media account in multiple ways.
If you have NOT already uploaded the video to My Media, a more streamlined process can be found in this tutorial, which explains how to upload a video or media file through My Media to a Canvas Page.

How the Tags Editor makes things easier

  • Keeps track of all the tags in your "tags list" and even counts how often they show up. This lets you know just how many videos are using certain tags.
  • Rather than typing out tags for each video, you can add tags to your tags library. Once a tag is in that library, adding it to individual videos is much faster and ensures that no redundancy occurs.

Best Practices for tagging videos

  • Always tag videos with the course number (e.g., ENG 101). This way you can locate all the course media together on your My Media page in a single search.
  • If you are creating content that will only be used in a single semester, you may consider adding a semester tag (e.g., Fall 2023)
  • If you have several videos of the same type, you may consider creating tags for each content type (e.g., lecture or discussion summary or welcome videos)

Step #1

Login to Canvas
  1. Click Account in the global navigation on the left. 
  2. Select My Media.

Step #2

  1. Identify the media file that you'd like to publish and click the blue linked title.

Step #3

  1. You'll see a window displaying a preview of your video. Pull down the Actions menu on the bottom right and select the Edit option. 

Step #4

  1. Click the Details tab.
  2. Begin typing into the Tags: field. Note that you may enter a space in the tag.
  3. When you have finished typing the tag, select the entry that automatically fills (followed by "new tag") in the field below.

It is strongly recommended that you tag videos with the course number (e.g., ENG 101). This allows you (or ARC captionists) to locate all the course media in a search.

Step #5

  1. Ensure that the new tag is populated into the field.
  2. Click the Save button.

Step #6 - Adding the same tag to a new video

To add the same tag to another video, repeat Step #1 - Step #4, above.

  1. Begin typing the first three characters of the tag (this may include a space). A list of previously used tags will appear below the field.
  2. Click to select the correct tag from the list.
  3. Ensure that the new tag is populated into the field. Click the Save button.

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