Teams (How To) Set a Delegate for your Phone

This article will provide instructions on how to set a delegate for your phone in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams gives you the ability to add a delegate to answer or make calls on your behalf in Microsoft Teams. To set a delegate for your phone:
  • Click on your person icon in the top right corner of your working screen. 
  • From the menu click the option for Settings
  • Under the option for General scroll to the bottom and select the button titled Manage delegates.
  • Here you will have two different options People you support and Your delegates.
  • Click on the tab titled Your delegates
  • In the search bar, type the name of the person who you would like to add as a delegate and click on their name, or once their name is highlighted press enter. 
  • From here select your desired permissions for Things this delegate can do on your behalf by checking or unchecking the boxes. 
    • Make calls
    • Receive calls
    • Change call and delegate settings
  • Click Add
  • This person will now be set as your delegate and can do whatever you just gave them permission to do. 
  • Your new delegate will receive a chat message from you notifying them that you have set them as your delegate and outlining their permissions within your individual Teams phone system. 
To edit or remove a delegate’s permissions:
  • Follow the steps above, but instead of typing someone’s name in the search bar click the … (more options) button next to your delegates name.
  • From here select the option to Edit permissions or Remove delegate.
    • If you choose to Edit permissions make your changes and press Save

If you are a delegate for someone else, you will see all the people you are a delegate for under People you support. From here you will have the following options based on how the person you support has you set up as their delegate:
  • View permissions – Allows you to view your permissions as this person’s delegate. 
  • Change delegates – Allows you to add additional delegates for the person you support. 
  • Change call settings – Only available if the person you support gave you permission. 

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