Zoom Smart Recording

This document provides an overview of Smart Recording and procedures on how to enable and use the feature.

What Is Smart Recording?

Zoom’s Smart Recording features use AI technology to generate the following for your Zoom cloud recordings:

  • Recording Highlights - Zoom will automatically highlight the most important parts of the recording. Hosts can adjust the highlights as needed and share the video summary with users.
  • Smart Chapters - Zoom will automatically group sections of the recording into chapters with an overview. Hosts can edit the chapters manually.
  • Next Steps - Zoom will automatically summarize any actions to take after the recorded session. Hosts can edit the next steps manually.
  • Meeting Coaching Analytics - Zoom will provide additional analytics on key meeting and conversation factors, including talk speed, talk-listen ratio, longest spiel (or monologue), filler word usage, and patience. 


How Long Are Zoom Cloud Recordings Retained?

Zoom cloud recordings are automatically deleted after 180 days. 

A Zoom meeting host can download the meeting’s cloud recording link (mp4 file) before the recording is deleted (after 180 days) from the cloud. To share the recording in the future, you can upload the mp4 file to My Media  and then embed the video in your Canvas class.

Important: When you download a Zoom meeting’s cloud recording, the mp4 files do not retain their Zoom Smart Recording features such as Recording Highlights, Smart Chapters, Next Steps and Meeting Coaching Analytics.

Is Smart Recording Enabled in My Zoom Account?

By default, Zoom Smart Recording is turned off in your Zoom user settings. 

You must enable Smart Recording to use some or all of the Smart Recording features.

Enabling Smart Recording

To enable Smart Recording in your Zoom settings:

  1. Sign in to the UWM Zoom web portal.
  2. Follow Zoom's procedure to enable Smart Recording.

Select Settings, AI Companion, then enable Smart Recording with AI Companion

Important: To use Smart Recording, all of the following must be enabled:

Using Smart Recording

When Smart Recording is enabled, Zoom can generate recording highlights, smart chapters, and next steps for cloud recordings with audio transcripts enabled. You will receive email notifications when the recording and transcript are finished processing. 

Refer to Zoom’s documentation on how to use Smart Recording - Using Smart Recording with AI Companion 

Note: The meeting host can edit or adjust the Smart Recording’s transcript, smart chapters, highlights, and next steps.

Viewing Smart Recordings

You and your students can view Smart Recordings in your Canvas class. Need info here.

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