Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor - Getting Started (Students)

The article discusses Respondus LockDown Browser and Monitor for students. The LockDown Browser restricts access to other applications and websites during an online exam. Respondus Monitor extends the functionality by recording the test session using a webcam, generating a video of the student's actions during the test for later review. To use these tools, students need a stable internet connection, a functional webcam, and a supported device or operating system. The article provides links for students to access QuickStart guides, support articles, and instructions for installing LockDown Browser on different devices.

About LockDown Browser and Monitor

Respondus LockDown Browser is a customized browser that limits your access to applications and the web when taking an online exam. It restricts you from navigating to other websites or opening other software on your computer during an examination.

Respondus Monitor is an extension of the LockDown Browser. It uses your webcam to record your test session, providing an additional level of validation in remote examination conditions. This tool generates a video of your actions during the test which can be reviewed later.

Remember, these tools are used to help ensure that everyone is tested under the same conditions, particularly in remote learning situations. They do require a stable internet connection, a functional webcam, and a supported device or operating system.

Student Introduction Video

Browse QuickStart Guides and Support Articles

When you launch your quiz, you will be given a link to download LockDown Browser. (LockDown Browser includes Monitor, if your instructor will be using it for quizzes.)

Your instructor may be using either Classic Quizzes, or New Quizzes in your course. Depending on what they are using, launching LockDown Browser is slightly different. When in doubt, ask your instructor for assistance. Respondus guides mention getting a download link which is generally not necessary as a link is provided when starting a quiz for the first time. If for some reason you need a direct link to download Respondus LockDown Browser, contact your instructor.

Prepare For Your First LockDown Browser Quiz

  • Prior to the exam, practice relaxation techniques.
  • Reboot your computer.
  • Test your internet connection.
  • Review the Respondus Quick Start Guide for your quiz. (If you are unsure which kind of quiz is being offered, ask your instructor.)
  • If your quiz will be using Respondus Monitor, prepare your environment.
    • Clear your workspace of extra things and distractions. There may also be items that are prohibited by your instructor which should be removed.
    • Ensure your face is well-lit and as little light as possible is being cast to your back (such as the sun from a window).
    • Position your webcam at eye-level, or slightly above eye level.
    • Close unnecessary software and instant messaging applications such as Discord, Slack, Teams, Skype, iMessage, etc.
  • Review your course syllabus for any proctoring rules.
  • If available in your course, take a non-graded test quiz to ensure everything is working correctly.

If you find that you are unable to take your proctored quiz, contact your instructor for assistance. If they are unable to assist do one of the following:

During the Quiz

  • If you haven't taken a quiz using LockDown browser before, you will see a button on screen that will give you the ability to "download" the browser. You must use this button to properly install the browser and take the quiz. You do not need to enter any external information to use the browser.
  • How do I install LockDown Browser (Respondus) - Includes videos and step-by-step instructions for Windows, Mac and Chromebooks. Taking a quiz on Chromebook is not recommended due to limitations in the platform.
  • Start your quiz
  • If you need to exit early, you will be prompted for a reason to stop the quiz. Your instructor will be able to see this information.

For more information, see LockDown Browser: The Student Experience.

If Problems Happen During the Quiz

  1. Don't panic.
  2. Notify your instructor of the issues you are having, and the steps you are taking. Being transparent and immediate with communication will help the instructor to accommodate your technical issues.
  3. Review Responduses troubleshooting guides.
  4. If you are still unable to take or resume the quiz, contact the UWM Help Desk.
  5. Follow-up with your instructor to inform them whether the issue is resolved, or if problems persist. Share the ticket number given to you.

After the Quiz

If your instructor has configured your quiz to require LockDown Browser to view results, start LockDown browser and login to Canvas to see your quiz results.

Getting Help

Are you experiencing problems?

If you need help, always contact your Instructor first. If they are unable to help, submit a ticket for support.

Submit a Ticket to Respondus

If you or your instructor are unable to resolve the issue, submit a ticket to Respondus. (Note that UWM technical staff will review the ticket before it is forwarded to Respondus Support.)

Editor's Note: Parts of this article were written by ChatGPT, and use resources from Respondus which were re-used with permission.

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