Duo - Missing Push on Android Phones running Android Pie (9+)

This article outlines an issue with the Android OS Pie and Duo.


My Android phone is not receiving a push notification from Duo. When I go to find my Duo app, it's missing but it's been there for days/weeks/months - now what?


Recently, Android pushed updates that somehow reverted applications to a hidden status, and those applications can only be found by swiping up from the home screen and searching for the application via the Finder search field on the screen.

Type Duo into the Finder search field. 

Duo Search

Hold your finger on the Duo Icon and a pop up will appear asking to locate the app. Select "Locate App".

Duo Finder search

Once the OS finds the app it will place it on your app list again and will lightly bounce to let you know it is now available to use. 

Duo App Replacement to Main Menu

Reboot phone and resend Duo Push Notification.

If you have any continued issues, please contact the UWM Help Desk at 414-299-4040 or at https://gettechhelp.uwm.edu