Office 365 (Outlook 2016) - Adding an iCloud Account with 2-step Verification to Outlook 2016

The guide will explain how to set up an iCloud account that has 2-step verification enabled in the Outlook Windows desktop client. This guide also assumes 2-step verification is already configured for the account.

Generate the App-Specific Password from Apple

1. Begin by logging into the Apple ID management website with your Apple ID:

Apple ID 

2. After signing in, click Generate Password... under Security > APP-SPECIFIC PASSWORDS


3. Enter a name to label this password. This name will be used to reference your active App-Specific Passwords. Then click Create.


4. Apple will generate an app-specific password for you. Remember this password (write it down, copy it, take a photo).


Add iCloud email to Outlook 2016

1. Open Outlook 2016.

2. Click File. Then click on + Add Account.

Add Account

3. Enter the iCloud email address into the textbox and click Connect.

enter email

4. When prompted for a password, enter the app-specific password that was generated earlier on the Apple website (step 4 of the "Generate the App-Specific Password from Apple" procedure).

5. Outlook will automatically set up the email account and will prompt you when the setup is complete.