SSC Campus - Product Releases: Notes & Summary Reports New Features


New: Add Attachment to Notes, Summary Reports Permission
Permission Overview (Default setting: disabled)

This permission makes it possible to add/remove the ability to add attachments to Notes and Summary Reports.

To adjust this permission:

Note: This permission will be disabled by default. Application Administrators will need to enable this permission for users who require the ability to add attachments to notes/reports. They can do this within the User Role settings in the Administration tab.

New: HTML Support in Notes and Summary Reports

We have added rich text functionality to Notes and Summary Reports, with a rich text editor to the top to aid in formatting text.

New: Student Name, ID Number on Summary Report

We have added the display of the Student Name and ID Number within the Summary Report dialog boxes.

New: Minimize Advising Summary Report

We have added the ability to minimize an Advising Summary Report. When you minimize the Advising Summary Report, you will gain a notification at the top of the page, alerting you to Minimized Dialogs.