TurningPoint Cloud Responseware Session Initiation

Basic instructions on starting a ResponseWare session for instructors

Gather This Information

ePanther ID
Alternate email and phone
Preferred method of contact
Best time(s) to reach client
Full error message(s)
Application name and version
WM of client
  1. From the TurningPoint Cloud Dashboard, select 'Click to Connect'
    2. The "ResponseWare" dialogue box that appears should have username and password autofilled; if it does not, the credentials are the same as the Dashboard.
    • If the server URL is listed as 'www.RWPoll.com', it should be changed to 'https://responseware.turningtechnologies.com/responseware/' (without quotes)

    3Select Sign In.
    4. The ResponseWare dialogue box should have the 'Session ID' set to 'Random'. Click on 'Start Session'. 

    5. The final ResponseWare dialogue box will display the 'Session ID Number' that ReponseWare users will need to initiate the session 

      Escalation: In the event HD1 is unable to walk a client through the process, request assistance from HD2

      Cherwell Classification: Educational Technology > Clickers > Faculty Software