Office 365 Android - Mobile Device setup

This article shows how a Android user can connect their UWM e-mail to the Android Mail Application.

Android devices come from different manufacturers and their interfaces and features can vary. These steps may differ slightly between different devices and versions of Android. Differences may also exist between campus and personal devices.

Connect your Android mobile devices to Office 365 by following the instructions below.

Install Outlook App from Google Playstore

1. On your Android device, install the Outlook App from the Google Playstore.

2. Once it is installed, open it up and follow the onscreen prompts.

3. Your inbox and Outlook profile will now sync up to your phone.

Manually setting up Outlook for Android

1. Go to your device's Email application

2. Enter your UWM email Address.

3. Click Next.

4. Select Exchange as your Account type.

5. Enter your UWM password.

6. Select Next.

7. Wait for the phone to retrieve account information.

8. Enter the following information into the server, Port, and Security type fields. Then click Next.

9. Your settings will then be validated.

10. Click OK to finish setting up the Account.

11. Select Activate.


12. Click Next after choosing an optional name.

13. Your emails should populate in the email application after a few short moments.