SSC Campus - Users: Mass Edit of Students

This feature gives you access to edit a number of students in a quick and efficient manner. Mass Edit of Students give you access to numerous settings that includes setting active users to inactive, assigning categories and setting weekly study hall requirements. The process works like this:

  1. Use the simple (or advanced) search to view a list of your students.
  2. Select your students.
  3. Perform some action upon the selected students by choosing a tab and completing the criteria.



The Status tab is used to set users Active/Inactive as well as Enabled/Disabled.  Students can also be resent their account notification email.
Once the student(s) have been selected an action may be performed by choosing an option.


99.9% of the time, a student's classification will be changed during the student import process. However, SSC Campus does have a way to mass change a student's classification.

Select, or check the box, of the students you wish to change their classification, choose a new classification (in this example Sophomore) and click Save. The classification will then be changed.


While students may be individually marked as at-risk by their advisor, they can also be marked as at-risk via the Mass Edit of Student option.

A great example is that users can use the advanced search to filter students with a low GPA and then mass assign them the at-risk status.

Assign to Someone

This feature is best used when assigning students to an Advisor, Tutor etc. This assignment creates a relationship between the student and the other user. 

Note: some imports will include a relationship placeholder to assign these relationships.

The more commonly used assignments are when assigning students to their Advisors, Tutors and Coaches. Assigned students will automatically appear on the users' (e.g. Advisors, Tutors, Coaches, etc...) Home page.


The category tab lets the user quickly remove, or add, students to a particular category.

To remove students from a category, the user can click on the advanced search to look for all students associated to a particular category.  Choose whatever students that are necessary to remove. Then, select the correct Remove from... category and press Save. Assigning students to a category works similarly except the Add to... option is chosen instead.

Study Hall

This tab allows the mass assigning of a weekly study hall limit as well as charity time.

For instance, if the entire football team is required to log 6.5 hours of study hall time each week, users could click on the advanced search to look for any students with a category of football. Then select those students and enter a 6.5 hours and click Save. The same process applies for mass assigning charity (study hall) time.


This is one way a user can mass assign a Tag to selected students. Not only can a tag be assigned via this method but tags can also be removed.

To add a tag, search for and select your students, click the Add Tag... option, enter the Tag (in this example it is Honors Club) and click Save. All selected students will now be assigned the Honor Club tab. The same process for removing a tab, except use the Remove tag... option.