Office 365 (OneDrive for Business) - OneDrive for Business defaults to "Shared With" users instead of "Only You"

Some UWM users have reported that when they create a new folder or file in their "Documents" folder in OneDrive, by default, the service shares the file/folder with other users, instead of with "Only You".

This article explains how to change the OneDrive setting so that the file/folder created in "Documents" is accessibly by "Only You".

1. Go to OneDrive for Business and log in using your UWM credentials.

2. Click the settings gear and then click "Site settings" from the drop down menu:

2. Click "Site Permissions":

3. Any users with whom you have been sharing your documents (other than yourself) will be displayed. Select the users with whom you do not want to share documents and click "Remove User Permissions":