Adding Images to E-Mail Signatures Outlook 2013

This article shows how one can add images to their e-mail signatures. Please note that this function only works on the Outlook Desktop Client. We are unable to add images to signatures in the Outlook Web Application (OWA) since the feature is not fully supported.

You can follow the same steps in order to create an e-mail signature from a this link.

1. When composing a new message, click on Signature, then click on the option for Signatures...

2. Create a new e-mail signature or use one that was already created and click on the icon to the right, next to where it says Business Card

3. Browse for the image that you want to add which should place it where the cursor is in the e-mail signature, then click OK.

4. Compose your message.  When you are done with the message and are ready to add the signature, click on the Signature icon and select the Signature with the image in it.

Note: The signature will be added where the cursor was left in the message.
Signature Choosing

5. Send out the e-mail message, which should contain the e-mail signature as well as the image with it.
THE signature