SSC Campus - Report Overview - Grad Rate By Grade Earned Or Credit Range

Shows how course grades relate to student success. Use this report to help select Success Markers and understand which courses have the greatest impact on graduation rates.

Finding Insights and Opportunities
What is the optimal timing for taking sequenced courses -- and how should advising or degree plans be adjusted to incorporate timing recommendations?

What are the appropriate grade and timing thresholds for Success Marker courses identified in the platform?

Important Considerations

Graph and table depict number of attempts at a course.

The data displays all course attempts.  For example, if a student received an F at the first attempt, but a B at the second attempt, he/she will be counted twice in this data.

Graph and table depict those attempts where the selected major was ever declared.

Graph and table depict graduation rate from the selected college or major.

Dropdown Selections

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