SSC Campus - School Information: User Roles & Permissions

Standard User Types

Each SSC Campus user has more or more user types. These User Types determine type of Home Page the user will see by default as well as how the users appear in searches. In SSC Campus, permissions can be assigned to user roles or specific users. User can have more than one role.

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User permissions can be accessed and edited the following ways:
  1. Edit User Roles: Admin Tab > User Roles > select a user role to edit > click the pencil icon.
    Editing user role permissions will affect all users assigned to this particular role.  For example, if you would like ALL advisors to have the ability (or remove the ability) to perform a specific function, you would use these steps.
  2. Edit a Specific User: Admin Tab > Edit a User > search for a specific user > select the Edit User link > locate and click the down arrow to the right of the Additional Permissions.
    By Editing the Additional Permissions of a specific user, you are only affecting the user you are editing.  For example, if you would like one of your advisors to have greater access than the other advisors, you will edit that advisor's settings by using the steps above.
  3. Edit User Settings: Navigate to a users profile page > under the Options box click Edit User Settings.
    This option allows you to edit individual user settings directly from their profile page.

Courses & Attendance

Absence / Attendance Permissions

Non-Student Appointments & Availabilities

Appointment Permissions

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General Tutoring Permissions

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General Permissions

Campaigns & Travel Letters

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Study Hall, Kiosk, & Advising/Tutor Center

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The options only apply to those institutions with multiple groups.

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