SSC Campus - Kiosk Options: Student Services


Student Services

This is where users will define all the student services available to the institution’s students via the advising center or tutor kiosk or a variety of other locations. It is important to note, that when you create a new Student Service, before it will become available for use, it must be assigned to a Location.

The default Student Service page will show you "All Student Services" that have been created.If you wish to view only advising services, click the Advising Services tab. If you wish to view only the tutoring services, click the Tutoring Services tab. It is important to assign at least one service as the default appointment reason after creating your advising and tutoring services. To update a default simply click on an advising or tutoring service to highlight them and then click Update Defaults.

To create a new student service, use the Add a Student Service link.