Adding Installable Print Options in macOS

Adding additional installable print options in macOS

To add installable print options for a printer already setup in macOS:

1. Open System Preferences and select Printers & Scanners.  Earlier versions of OS X will label this preference pane as Print & Fax:

System Preferences

2. Select the desired Printer under the Printers list, then click the Options & Supplies... button
OS X Print options

3. Select the Options tab and select the installed options from the appropriate dropdown menu.  This tab will be labeled as Driver in earlier versions of OS X (see screenshot b).  The number of installable options and format for how options are added is dependent on the printer.  This example uses a Ricoh Multi-Function device, which uses drop downs to select the various installable options.  Other printers may use checkboxes to select and deselect options (see screenshot c).

OS X Print options dialog
OS X Print drivers tab

OS X Printer options dialog variant