Office 365 (Outlook 2013) - Invite contact groups to meetings

Important: Beginning March 1st, 2017, Office 2013 will no longer be available for installation from the Office 365. Please see the following document for further details: Office 365 - Microsoft Office 2013 path to retirement.

This document will explain how to invite personal groups to meetings from your address book in Office 2013. This will allow you to schedule meetings for entire groups of contacts without having to invite each person to the meeting individually.

    If you have not already done so, create a group of contacts.

      Begin this process by generating a meeting.  This can be done by selecting the preferred date of your meeting from your Outlook Calendar and then double clicking.
        This will generate a details window about your meeting. Enter in all relevant details about your meeting in the fields provided.

        meeting details

        You may then select the attendees of your meeting in two ways;

        If you require additional assistance with these steps or have questions, please contact the UW-M Help Desk at (414)229-4040, or send our team an e-mail at