SSC Campus - Production Validation Guide

This section details the settings and configurations that should be reviewed prior to Go-Live or a move to Production.

School Information

Within School Information the areas that require review are Appointment Cancellation Reasons, Group Settings, Note Reasons, Meeting Types, School Settings, and User Roles.  Please see each below with the required review steps and field.

Appointment Cancellation Reasons

Group Settings

Note Reasons

Meeting Types for Summary Reports

School Settings

User Roles

Kiosk Options

Kiosk Settings houses all options to configure Locations, Student Services, and Student Service Categories.  These settings are important to have set up for use within appointment scheduling and creating summary reports.

For more information on best practices when setting up Locations and Services, please see the Best Practices Guide.


Ensure that all locations have been set up in accordance to the decisions that were made in the workflow discussions.


Ensure that all of the Services (Advising, Tutoring, other) are set up to what applies to your institution.

Service Categories

Case Management

Case Management houses configurations for Alert Reasons and Case Outcomes.  Validate these areas if they apply to your institution's usage in the platform.

Alert Reasons

If your institution plans to use general Issue Alert button for referrals OR for Early Alert/Progress Report Campaigns, ensure that alert reasons and the correct setting within each are applied.