Student FERPA Consent

A new, universal procedure exists for students who want to provide third parties (parents, organizations, employers, etc.) with access to academic, financial, financial aid, housing, or disciplinary records.

Basic Information:
Students are able to initiate, manage, and expire their consents directly through PAWS, although a new universal paper form also exists, primarily for former students who no longer can access PAWS. 

New students will begin receiving information about the FERPA consent functionality in PAWS at orientations this summer.   More information on how students can initiate FERPA consents in PAWS can be found on the Student Information Release website, along with information on existing PAWS Designate Access functionality.   In addition to the new consent functionality for students, most PAWS administrative users are able to view the consents that a student has on file.

Please note:
Although most administrative users have access to view student FERPA consent releases in PAWS, it is expected that the information will only support cursory communications with third parties.  Any official release of UWM records under FERPA should be handled by the offices that are the custodians of the requested data
If any questions come up, please contact the Registrar's Office via our online contact form.