PantherLIST - Why Wouldn't PantherLIST Create My New List?

This article provides information on how to troubleshoot if PantherLIST fails to create a new list.


There are three reasons why list creation might fail:

  1. The listname contains invalid characters or a "reserved suffix". For example, "some.list_name" as a listname would provoke a series of errors, such as "Listname can contain only letters, numbers and underscore or hyphen".
  2. If a hyphen is not included, the "-list" suffix is appended automatically to the submitted list-name.
  3. The desired listname is in use either as a PantherList, reflector, alias, or listproc list. If the listname is in use outside of PantherList, you will get the error: "[listname] is in use".  If it is in use within PantherList, you will see: "[listname] is in use on the system".