Office 365 (Outlook 2013) - Open Resource Calendar for Viewing

Important: Beginning March 1st, 2017, Office 2013 will no longer be available for installation from the Office 365. Please see the following document for further details: Office 365 - Microsoft Office 2013 path to retirement.

Office 365 allows you the ability to open a resource and view the availability before choosing to schedule the resource.

    1.  Within Outlook, click Calendar

    IMAGE 1
    2.  Next, click Home tab.
    IMAGE 2
    3.  In the Manage Calendars group, click Open Calendar.
    IMAGE 3
    4.  Select From Room List...

    5. In the dialog box that opens:
    IMAGE 5
    6.  Select the Resource
    IMAGE 6
    7.  You are now able to view the resource from your Outlook 2013 desktop client.
    IMAGE 7

    Note:  You may also schedule right from the resource calendar, if you have the correct permissions. However, please see links below for suggested means of scheduling and reserving resources.