UWM Email (SMTP) Relay Server Information

Some areas on campus may have the need for an SMTP "relay" server that does not require credentials or encryption in order to send mail.

Users may utilize the on-campus SMTP relay server, smtprelay.uwm.edu.

The SMTP relay server is restricted to specific subnets/IP addresses, so it will not work for devices unless previously authorized. If a user would like to have their device added to the whitelist for the smtprelay.uwm.edu server, they should open an incident through the UWM Help Desk. Their request will then be escalated to the Identity and Access Management team accordingly.

For issues and concerns, please contact iam-support@uwm.edu.


Previous to 5/22/15, the on-campus SMTP relay server was mail.uwm.edu. It was decommissioned and replaced with the new relay server, smtprelay.uwm.edu. Users who manage services that utilized email relay using the old server (mail.uwm.edu) had been instructed to update their configurations to use smtprelay.uwm.edu.