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Schedule Planner

In PAWS, Schedule Planner can be used to easily create a schedule of classes designed around an individuals needs.  Input desired breaks, work schedules, etc. alongside necessary classes and Schedule Planner will return a selection of Schedules that fit each individual's needs, then simply add them to the PAWS shopping cart, and the user is ready to register.

Scheduling Assistant

In Outlook Office365, Scheduling Assistant can be used to easily manage creating events in an Outlook Calendar.  When Scheduling Assistant is open, a user can easily edit the times of the event, the attendees, add a room for the event, and see what users have scheduling conflicts.  To open Scheduling Assistant on Outlook on the Web, open the Calendar App, click "New" at the top left of the screen to create a new event, then click "Scheduling Assistant" on the top right of the new event window.

Shared mailbox

A shared mailbox is a special Office 365 email account that allows multiple people to send and receive emails from one email address.  If someone sends an email through the shared mailbox, the email will appear to be sent from the shared mailbox, not the email address of the individual sender.


A sponsor has an active employment with UWM and is not a student (e.g. professor, academic advisor, staff member, etc.). 

Sponsored Account

If someone has an ePanther account that has been closed after deprovisioning and still has an affiliation with UWM, they can request a sponsored account.  They will need to find a sponsor who can confirm their affiliation and involvement with UWM.  A sponsor is a non-student employee with an active account (e.g. professor, academic adviser, etc.)  Sponsored accounts will need to be renewed after being open for a year. Sponsored ePanther Accounts for departmental use can be requested using the Sponsored ePantherACCOUNT Request Form.  Sponsored accounts for instructors are processed through the Instructor Set Up Form. To access this form, navigate to the following webpage; Registrar Utilities for Instructors - after accessing this link, log in and click Instructor from the Other drop-down in the top menu bar.   Student requests must go through the Registrar's Office.  

SPSS Statistics

SPSS Statistics is a software package for statistical analysis. It can be run on both Windows and macOS computers.

Get SPSS for your computer

  • UWM students can obtain SPSS at no cost through the Software Shop.
  • UWM faculty and staff can also obtain SPSS through the Software Shop.
    • Home Use licenses for SPSS are for installing on personal computers.
    • University Use licenses for SPSS are for installing on University computers.

The schools & colleges in the list below subsidize the cost of SPSS licensing for their UWM faculty and staff. Employees of these schools may purchase the $0 subsidized SPSS license from the Software Shop.

  • School of Education
  • Helen Bader School of Social Welfare
  • College of Health Sciences
  • College of Nursing
  • Colleges of Letters & Science
  • School of Information Studies
  • Zilber School of Public Health

SSC Campus - Product Releases: Alternate ID Field View

New: Alternate ID Field View

This feature added a new permission to control display and access to the Alternate ID on the Student Profile.

The new permission will default to ON for GradesFirst (GF) members for roles that have the View the Student ID on the Student Profile permission enabled, and to OFF for Campus members. This is to minimize disruption for GF members who are used to seeing alternate ID.

Please note that because this is a permission, it will be enabled for all super users (Campus and GradesFirst) just like all other permissions. 

Note: Alternate ID does not have a separate search field, but is pat of the keyword search.


Streamline is a workflow software currently utilized by FAA HR that allows UWM employees to complete form requests from HR regarding processes and/or needed information from the UWM employee base. This product is also known as BP Logix and eWorkflow.