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Electronic Waste (e-Waste) is used to refer to electronic devices that are nearing the end of their usefulness, or are obsolete.  A few good examples would be VCRs, CRT monitors, and old stereo equipment.  These products while no longer useful in everyday life are useful for their recycling potential / scrap.


Event Management Software (EMS) allows a user to efficiently schedule large-scale events, make reservations and manage resources and services within a reservation. The EMS used for UWM is ROAR, which can be used to reserve classrooms. For more information on ROAR, click the following link ROAR.


All UWM students and staff possess an ePantherID which is used as a username to login to various services via the 1login system. As an example, if your UWM email address is, then your ePantherID is rpaws. The ePantherID can be used to access to email, web services, Campus Computer Labs, campus wireless service, and other associated services.


eWorkflow is a workflow software currently utilized by FAA HR that allows UWM employees to complete form requests from HR regarding processes and/or needed information from the UWM employee base. This product is also known as BP Logix and Streamline.


EZCare is a child care management software that is web-based and mobile-optimized. EZCare helps manage enrollment, billing and payments, scheduling and communication needs for child care programs. This software can be used by many child care providers ranging from public or private organizations, or before and after school care programs. For the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, EZCare is used by the Children's Learning Center and is a SAITS Enterprise Supported Service.