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1 Office 365 (Outlook on the web) - Search for messages and people
58646UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-285996
2 Teams (How To) Find your phone number
67582UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-2892041
3 Office 365 (Apple iCal/Calendar) - Delete an Existing Calendar
89535UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-182074
4 *** Office 365 - Microsoft 365 Services Based on Affiliation or Who is Allowed to Access What Type of O365?
89243UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-146495
5 iOS - Removing an email/calendar account
110029UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-091451
6 Teams (How To) Record A Video Clip
70429UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-08166
7 Office 365 - Microsoft Teams
76432UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-0410432
8 Teams (How to) Create a Team
46177UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-043653
9 Teams Calls (How to) Call History
81236UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-041069
10 Teams Calls (How to) Answer or Decline a Call
42074UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-041990
11 Teams Calls (How to) Add Contacts
76387UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-041166
12 Teams Calls (How to) Parked Calls
66731UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-041155
13 Teams (How To) Set Headset and Computer to Ring Simultaneously
61883UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-0436181
14 Teams Calls (How to) Make a Call
45793UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-04987
15 Teams (How To) Join a Teams Meeting
98889UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-048561
16 Teams (How To) Manage Contacts and Chat
90821UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-0481765
17 Teams (How To) Accessing Files
74993UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-045210
18 Teams (How To) Manage Activity
74622UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-042956
19 Teams (How to) Change an Existing Meeting to a Teams Meeting
73772UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-04172236
20 Teams (How to) Participate as a Team Member
73748UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-11-042456

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