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1 PAWS - Online Payment/Billing
47068UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-06-3026088
2 Canvas - How do I login?
88860UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-1114282
3 What is my UWM User ID?
50720UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-07-0713479
4 PAWS - Designate Access
64679UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-07-2010968
5 Name Change Requests
47899UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-07-069922
6 PAWS - Dropping a Class
50839UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-07-079337
7 PAWS Address Changes for Closed Accounts
56624UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-07-118718
8 Classes & Enrollment - Schedule Planner
47666UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-07-068369
9 Accessing your UWM Email/Office 365 Account
77599UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-017735
10 Finding Course Materials Through PAWS
73619UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-07-277662
42121UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-06-277533
12 Schedule Planner [Glossary item]
72320UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2019-06-147453
13 PAWS [Glossary item]
64408UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-06-277425
14 Student FERPA Consent
46107UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-06-276785
15 PAWS - Validate Shopping Cart
81455UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-036631
16 Panther Enrollment Checklist
46933UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-06-296614
17 PAWS - Important Enrollment Information (Student Role) Activity Guide
81483UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-036352
18 PAWS - Credit Agreement
64592UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-07-196230
19 Office 365 (Known Issue) - Sending Emails to Class Lists through PAWS
50992UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-07-076227
20 PAWS - Online grade change directions for instructors
46327UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-06-276208
21 PAWS - Account Holds
79551UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-026081
22 Canvas - How do I register for and access my Continuing Education course? (for UWM/UW System staff and students)
88903UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-125199
23 PAWS - Grade Approvers in the Dean's Office
51016UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-07-074818
24 PAWS - Locating Grade Roster When Roster Appears Blank
59146UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-07-144381
25 PAWS - Unable to View PDF on Mobile Device
67567UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-07-254221
26 PAWS - Running a Transcript
80880UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-033806
27 What’s my User ID (ePantherID)?
58977UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-07-133188
28 Canvas - How do I register for and access my Continuing Education course? (for community participants outside UW System)
103663UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2021-06-293133
29 PAWS Enrolling in a Class
42123UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-06-272929
30 PAWS - Entering Grades and Grade Changes
80906UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-032894
31 PAWS - FERPA Consent Releases
80895UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-032529
32 PAWS - Applying for Graduation
102958UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-06-162488
33 PAWS - Identifying Communications
80896UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-032478
34 PAWS - View Diploma Name
81020UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-032386
35 PAWS - Adding and Searching for Classes
98143UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-06-162349
36 PAWS - Voter Enrollment Letter
80900UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-032280
37 PAWS - Preferred Name
80894UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-032264
38 PAWS - Class Permissions
80898UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-032121
39 PAWS - Service Indicators
80904UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-032056
40 PAWS - Identifying Certified Military/Veteran Students
80897UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-08-032043
41 Canvas Administration – What happens to a Canvas course when it is edited in the Schedule of Classes?
101509UW-Milwaukee CETL2022-06-211965
42 PAWS - Requesting a What-If Academic Advisement Report
97973UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-04-211836
43 PAWS - Your Contact Information
102957UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-06-161797
44 PAWS - Sharing and Protecting your Info - Creating Designate Accounts
102987UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-06-161677
45 PAWS - Changing your Class Schedule - Swapping Classes, Discussion and Lab Sections
98188UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-06-161628
46 PAWS - View Your Grades
102956UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-06-161602
47 PAWS - Sharing and Protecting your Info - Deleting a Designate Account
102988UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-06-161523
48 PAWS - Dropping Classes
98187UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-01-261420
49 PAWS – Exporting Class Rosters from the Faculty Center
105665UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-09-141404
50 Canvas - When will my PAWS enrollment, assignment, and section changes sync to Canvas?
113289UW-Milwaukee CETL2021-08-261343
51 PAWS - Student Consent Release - Granting Access through PAWS
102993UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-06-161329
52 PAWS - Setting Up User Defaults
97962UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-04-211309
53 PAWS - Restricting Access to Public Records - Directory Restriction
103026UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-06-161284
54 PAWS - Printing an Academic Advisement Report
97969UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-04-211283
55 PAWS - Student Consent Release - Expiring a Student Consent Release
103025UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-06-161234
56 PAWS - Sharing and Protecting your Info - Replacing an Old Designate Account
102989UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2020-06-161228
57 Access - Instructor access to Canvas/other services before the semester start
113189UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-05-02934
58 PAWS - Emailing Students from Class Roster
116291UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-01-31442
59 PAWS 500 Errors - Causes and Fixes
119157UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2022-06-21131

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