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201 Microsoft 365 (Information) Transition to Modern Authentication
109670UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-139595
202 M365 Outlook Web App (How To) Forward Emails
17693UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-1311056
203 M365 OneDrive (How To) Set Up OneDrive Sync
42106UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-1320417
204 M365 Outlook (Information) Group Folders and Rules Support
42073UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-13254
205 M365 Outlook (iOS) Create an email message
58889UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-134664
206 M365 Outlook (Information) Clutter Retirement & Transition to Focused Inbox
50602UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-131554
207 M365 OneDrive (How To) - OneDrive Sync for Mac
59619UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-1313927
208 M365 Outlook for Mac (How To) Reply to or Forward an Email
59530UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-1312867
209 M365 OneDrive (How To) Set Up OneDrive Sync User for Windows
60522UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-1315103
210 *** M365 SharePoint (Tech Training) SharePoint Fundamentals
65159UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-138637
211 *** M365 Outlook (Information) 3rd Party Phishing Reporting Procedure
60734UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-1314461
212 M365 Outlook (How To) Turn on Focused Inbox for Mac
48399UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-134427
213 M365 OneNote (Information) Class Notebook
46030UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-138065
214 M365 Outlook Web App (How To) Spell Check Before Sending a Message
58648UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-137094
215 M365 OneDrive (Information) Using Version History
60125UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-138632
216 M365 Outlook (How To) Archive an Email Message in iOS
58993UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-138401
217 M365 Teams (Information) Private Channels and SharePoint Storage
51178UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-131569
218 Microsoft MFA (Information) Number Matching and Location Mapping
65631UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-131308
219 M365 Outlook Web App (Information) Tasks Overview
63170UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-1311827
220 M365 Outlook (How To) Open Resource Calendar for Viewing
44495UW-Milwaukee Help Desk2023-07-1335198

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