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A guide to learning PHP including standards, useful functions, cheat sheets, and more.

This guide is to give you some resources to help you learn PHP. Once you learn how to use PHP out of the box, we can move on to learning about the PHP frameworks we use, as well as how to use PHP in the context of WordPress.


Your best friend when learning PHP is the website This website contains documentation for many different versions of PHP. Although it is a little hard to use, most of the time when you use Google to figure out the solution to a problem, it'll be found on this site.


To start, let's take a look at PHP coding standards. We follow these standards on all new applications, and try to convert legacy applications to follow these standards as well.

These come from the PHP Framework Interop Group, or PHP-FIG for short.
Take a look at these to see the standards we are looking for in PHP code. You can easily set your editor to follow these guidelines, if you use something like Sublime Text, PHP Storm, or Notepad++.

If you want some truly inspirational ... inspiration, I would take a look at The League of Extraordinary Packages.

Cheat Sheets

Let's face it - there is no way you can memorize all of the PHP functions available. Thankfully, the Internet has come together to create a few cheat sheets which can really help out to have pinned to your cube or available for you while you're learning.

The first one is just a website, that contains a list of functions (and links to them on separated out by their purpose. You can find this "online cheat sheet" here:

The rest of these are printable PDFs that you can save on your computer or print out to reference while coding:


If you are someone who learns by watching and doing, rather than reading about something - these videos are for you.

UWM has a subscription which all students and staff are able to access. You can login to by going to the following URL:

Once you're logged in, take a look at these videos:

Suggestions or Missing Anything?

Do you think there's something else that could be useful when learning PHP? Let us know and we will improve this document!

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