Office 365 (Apple iCal/Calendar) - Modify an Event

This document explains how to modify an event using Apple iCal (Mac OS 10.5-7) or Calendar (Mac OS 10.8-9-10) in Office 365.

Modify an Event

iCal/Calendar provides several ways one can modify an event.

Info Window

These three methods below open an Info window which is limited to just the selected event. This may appear next to the event itself or in a separate window.

Note: In OS X 10.9, in order to add a reminder, recurrence, or alert, click on the date of the event within the Info window.

Inspector Window

The Inspector window, unlike an Info window, will change its content to show the currently selected event. Like the Info window, you can modify event properties with the Inspector window, yet you do not need to close the Inspector window when you finish your modifications. Selecting another event will cause the Inspector window to show the newly selected event's properties.

You may find the Inspector window a useful addition to your iCal/Calendar workflow by leaving it in View mode all the time and positioned to the left or right of the main iCal/Calendar window.

To Hide/View the Inspector window: